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My massage style is deeply relaxing, a kind of mindful meditation where you breathe and unwind. You simply focus on letting go and surrendering to your own body’s needs. I tune into and follow your body’s natural flow and where there is a blockage I aim to release it gently. Thai massage can be likened to a meditative dance or a river meandering down a valley.

Any requests for me to focus on specific stiff or sore areas are very welcome. It is also possible to have a face and head massage to finish the 90-minute session. A two-hour massage may be a nicer option if we’d like to cover multiple areas. The tummy area is sometimes the seat of many blocked emotions, so a very gentle belly massage can also be requested.

Usually the session starts working with your feet and legs followed by a routine for the rest of the body or tailored to your specific needs. I also like to work with loosening hips and shoulders during the session. The massage is guided by my intuition and the calm of a silent mind, whilstmy body and being are present.

We work with comfortable clothing and from the very first moment this practice lifts you easily into a deep relaxation because of slow, good pressure and restorative stretches.

“I’m a doctor of physical therapy, and am picky about massages. When I received my Thai massage from Rosa, I really needed one.

I was in the middle of leading a yoga retreat, had travelled 25 hours to the destination, and to top it off, hit my head hard the day before with radiating muscle tension into my neck and shoulders.

Rosa’s massage was gentle but firm, rhythmic, relaxing and simultaneously deep. She made me completely forget about my neck but also exposed restrictions that I didn’t know I had. That new awareness transformed my yoga practices over the next few days.

That night, I slept like a baby”

“Soy fisioterapeuta, y muy exigente con los masajes. Cuando recibí mi masaje thai de Rosa, yo lo necesitaba muchísimo.

Estaba en el medio de facilitando un retiro de yoga, habia viajado como 25 horas para  llegar a mi destino, y que mas: me di un golpe en la cabeza bien fuerte el día antes provocándome tension muscular desde mi cuello hasta mis hombros.

El masaje de Rosa fue suave pero firme, relajando y también profundo. Ella me hizo olvidar completamente sobre mi tension del cuello, y me demuestro contracciones musculares que no sabia que tenia. Este conocimiento nuevo transformo mi practica de yoga en los días siguientes.

También esa noche, me dormí como bebe”

Ariele Foster
Doctor of Physical Therapy :: Yoga Teacher :: Anatomy Trainer – Online Yoga Anatomy Mentorship

Ariele Foster

“Le meilleur massage jamais reçu ! Merci Rosa, stress courbatures douleurs ont disparues que du bonheur!”
Albane. 57 ans, Suisse
“Traduccion al castellano:
“El mejor masaje que jamas he recibido! gracias Rosa, el stres las agujetas dolorosas, quedaron solo buenas sensaciones!”


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