About Rosa

Rosa has been offering massage since 2011, starting with a Spanish “quiromasaje” technique, based in biomechanics. In 2016 she discovered and studied Traditional Thai Massage which added another dimension to her touch.

After graduation from Malaga Fine Arts University in 2005, Rosa realised that art is a wonderful and essential way to communicate. However, she was still searching for a way in which her need for communication would be responded to and felt by others. When she discovered massage she saw a way to communicate with others and for them to respond physically. Traditional Thai Massage represented a turning point in her life and a way to better understand human nature.

For Rosa Traditional Thai Massage is a method in which to listen to the receiver’s body and at the same time to her own body and this creates a connection which can heal and soothe both entities through mindfulness and touch.

During her time in Thailand, Rosa studied Traditional Thai Massage, hot herbal compression and Sacred Dance and combining this knowledge with her western massage foundation has given her a more holistic perspective of the human body.